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Learning Through Play make sure to always use the best surface for your space and design, ensuring that everything we install is compliant with playground safety criteria. We are also aware of the costs involved in laying surfaces and work hard to balance the use of surfaces with your budget to make sure you get the best value for money.

Resilient rubber surfaces

Clean, safe and available in various colours, rubber surfaces remain a popular choice for playing environments. We offer a choice between two types of rubber surface: Rubaflex and Flexichip. Rubaflex is a fine rubber crumb laid on top of a thick impact absorbing rubber layer, providing a smooth, strong surface which retains its colour throughout its lifetime. Flexichip is a more economic recycled product which exhibits a more natural appearance. Water can drain freely through the surface which doesn’t require any base preparation but still provides a critical fall height for play equipment. Explore more HERE!   
View of a clean swing

Minimising the risk of risk play

We want your little adventures to enjoy the freedom to explore. Risk Play encourages children to climb, balance and navigate their way round an adventure environment the way they want to. We do however have a responsibility to ensure that no serious injuries occur and therefore anything above 600mm will be supplied with a soft impact absorbing safety surface meeting the requirements of BS EN 1176/7.
Young kid enjoying on the swing

Grass that stays green

Artificial grass is a common choice in schools and nurseries due to its pleasant aesthetic appearance, all year round usability and resistance to the kind of high footfall that normally reduces natural grass to mud. The grass comes with a strong backing which has perforated holes to allow water to drain freely through. The fibres of the grass are made from soft, skin friendly polyethylene which means children can roll and crawl on this surface with no risk of grazing.
Kid watching the swing
Unsure which safety surfaces would be best for your playground? 
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View of the surface of the play field
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