Put some extra magic in your outdoor learning areas

Our approach to developing outside spaces is not just to focus on the fun and the sport but to also give some thought to how the space can be used as an extension to the classroom. There is an emphasis and greater expectation for children to be learning outside and through our discussions with teachers we have come up with some amazing ways for children to get involved in outside learning. 

Outstanding outdoor classrooms

An outside classroom is a great resource which can be used for a wide range of activities. It’s polycarbonate roof provides shelter from the rain and ultraviolet light, there can be seating for 30 children and a large blackboard is fantastic for teaching, big art or for scenery for a stage production.
Kids playing on the swings

Amazing science discovery zones

The natural world offers up a whole host of easy and fun learning opportunities. At Learning Through Play, we are dedicated to helping you to harness the enchantment of nature to give children a taste for science. We can build a comprehensive science discovery area including a dipping pond, beastie interaction, geology zone, soil science zone, weather zone…the possibilities are endless. There are also other outside learning benefits for other subjects within these areas. 
Kids playing on the swings

Take forest schools to the next level

Forest School areas provide a learning resource like no other in your school. It goes beyond just playing with stick and mud, providing the opportunity for a risk based approach to learning, allowing relationships based around trust to develop and the learning of principles for meeting basic needs for food, warmth, drink and safety. Explore more HERE! 
Kids playing on the swings
Explore the possibilities of outdoor learning and play! 
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