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Outdoor seating area



We know that you take your responsibilities as educators seriously. We’re always impressed by the passion and commitment of the schools that we work with, and we believe that outdoor learning environments are a wonderful way to give children a broader educational experience. Based in Gravesend, Learning Through Play has installed outdoor learning areas throughout the South East.

Outdoor stage and seating

Learning doesn’t need to stop when you step outside


Young children are learning constantly – it’s what they do, how their brains work. Knowing that, and acknowledging that the outside world is full of opportunities for them to learn, discover, and develop, has led us to develop outside spaces that are about learning, as well as sport and play. Our designs combine children’s innate love of play and desire to learn. It’s a wonderful combination.


We recognise that teachers have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in the way children develop, and we’ve made great use of that. We have spoken at length to many educators, and their input has helped to shape the way we work, creating outdoor play areas that offer children a wonderful chance to learn as they explore the world outside.

An opportunity to make learning an adventure


Do you remember having lessons outside in summer as a small child? Many of us had that experience, and it’s often one that sticks with us well into adulthood, a warm and pleasant memory of school. By investing in an outdoor classroom, you can create those same memories for the children you teach, while making things simple for the teaching staff with a designated and purpose-built learning area.


An outdoor classroom is a practical way to take education outside. While it is, of course, possible to teach outside without one, life is simpler when you have seating for up to 30 children, a polycarbonate roof that provides shelter from the rain and ultraviolet light, and a blackboard to write on. Having a class outside can be as fun for the teaching staff as it is for the children!

An outdoor classroom
An outdoor music area

Exploring science in the great outdoors


The great outdoors is absolutely full of fascinating things that a child can discover, investigate, and, in many cases, stick their fingers into! Harnessing children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore their surroundings can awaken a fascination with the world of science and related topics, something that offers real benefits to the children.


Our team can create a science discovery area for the children to explore and enjoy. There are so many options available - a dipping pond, beastie interaction, geology zone, soil science zone, weather zone… these are some popular choices, but we can create almost anything you can think of.

A learning experience kids remember


Forest schools have been growing in popularity for many years, offering schools a great way to get children out of the classroom, into the natural environment, and learning about the way we all interact with the world around us. Forest schools provide an opportunity for a risk based approach to learning, allowing relationships based around trust to develop, and the learning of principles for meeting basic needs for food, warmth, drink and safety.


We can design and install the necessary equipment and infrastructure for a forest school that will delight children and teachers alike, providing a wonderful experience that the children will remember well into adulthood – along with the lessons learned during their adventures.

Canvas roofed seating area outside
A play area with lots of plants


To discover more about the outdoor learning areas created by Learning Through Play, from our more formal outdoor classrooms to the exciting forest schools we design, please contact us. Based in Gravesend, we work with clients across the South East

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