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Fence beside a path in a playground



With schools and nurseries, it really matters to have a good, strong fence in place. It’s part of how you ensure that the children in your care are safe, and aren’t able to wander off at playtime! The team at Learning Through Play in Gravesend has supplied and installed high quality fencing for clients throughout the South East, both as part of a full playground project and as a separate service.

Tiered outdoor seating in front of a fence

The right fencing to meet your requirements


Your fencing requirements are unique, and our job is to ensure that they are properly met. We work with clients who have a broad range of motivations, including security, safety, and aesthetics, and we can always find something that suits! We have a wide selection of fencing available, so we’re sure to find something that’s appropriate for your playground.


We often supply and install fencing as part of a complete playground project, where we design and build the entire area. However, we are more than happy to offer it as a stand-alone service, constructing a suitable fence around your existing play area. If you’d like to discuss your options, please get in touch today.

Boundary fences as a security measure


In an ideal world, security at a school or nursery would never need to be a consideration. Sadly, that isn’t the world we live in. A secure fence can help to keep your premises secure from intruders, safeguarding the children you teach and protecting the property from vandalism. Take control of who can enter your property with a little help from our team.


We can supply and install secure fencing and gates that will help to improve the security of your site. Our fencing is all manufactured to a very high quality standard to ensure that it’s fit for purpose, and we take our responsibility seriously. We’ll make sure that your new fence is properly installed and a suitable answer to your requirements.

Metal and wicker fence
Trellis topped fencing

Strong, durable, and guaranteed


Wooden fences are an attractive option for any property, if done well – and we can do them very well! With a range of styles to choose from, wooden fences are a flexible and popular option that is also cost-effective. We’ve installed wooden fences across the South East, and our team will always make sure that you’re completely satisfied with their work before considering the job complete.

Our wooden fences are made with locally-sourced materials where possible, and all timber is specially prepared and treated, using a process that leaves it strong, durable, and smooth to the touch – there’s no risk of splinters to spoil a child’s day! We provide a 10-year guarantee on all timber products, so you can be confident in the quality of what you’re buying.

Keep those balls where they belong!


If you have a sports area such as a football pitch, tennis court, or multi-use games area, then you’re probably far more aware of the danger of flying balls than you’d like to be! We can put an end to that problem, once and for all. We can supply and install sports fencing around the pitch, complete with integrated goals where required. We’ll ensure that ball games stay where they’re supposed to.


Our sports fences are made from galvanised and powder-coated metal wire. This powder-coating process gives you a broad range of colour options to help the fence blend in with its surroundings. We work closely with our affiliate, Active Leisure Sports, to provide some of the best sports fences in the South East.

Metal fencing around a sports area
A play area with lots of plants


If you need fencing for your school or nursery, then Learning Through Play is the team you need. From our Gravesend office, we work with clients throughout the South East, supplying and installing playground fencing at a very competitive price. Get in touch today.

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