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School playground



There’s a serious side to play, as well as the fun. As children grow, active play will often develop into an interest in sports, and having somewhere to explore that new interest can make a huge difference to a child. Learning Through Play designs, supplies, and installs sporting facilities such as pitches for clients throughout the South East. Call our Gravesend office for details.

sports pitch

A space for budding athletes to practise


Starting from infant school level, PE is an important part of the curriculum throughout every child’s time at school, with the goal of helping students to develop their physical skills. It’s a great way to encourage healthy habits that can last a lifetime, as well as a chance for children to discover sports that may become a passion as they grow older.


We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in sports facilities, including all natural and artificial surfaces. From spaces where kids can enjoy a kick-about at lunch to purpose-built sporting facilities for the school team, we’re to design and install the sporting facilities you need.

What sport do you want to focus on?


With any sport, it’s important to have the right surface. If you want to focus on team sports and ball games, we’ll put a lot of emphasis on how that ball interacts with the surface we are laying, making sure that you get the right surface for your chosen sport. Whether you need a basketball to bounce just right or a hockey ball to glide perfectly across the pitch, we’ll ensure that the surface you get is ideal for the job.


We are an experienced team offering a flexible service, and our focus is on ensuring that what you get is what you need. From a small-scale pitch for primary school kick-abouts right up to Olympic standard sports pitches, we’ll work with you to meet your needs.

Aerial shot of a football pitch
A small games area

Don’t lose the ball!


When we’re contracted to install a sports pitch, we’ll always discuss fencing options. While it’s not always essential, and the decision rests with you, there are many good reasons to consider having sports fencing installed around your new pitch. One of the key reasons for having a fence is containment of the ball – keeping the ball safely on the pitch maximises the playing area and minimises the risks to other playground users.


We use heavy gauge steel wire used for the mesh fencing around sports pitches and our always popular Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs). The fencing is available in a variety of colours – to find out more about your options, simply have a chat with a member of the team.

Ongoing maintenance available


Installing a new sports pitch is an investment – it’s not a cheap undertaking, even when you choose a company that’s known for competitive prices, as we are. As such, making sure that your new pitch is properly cared for matters – a properly cared for pitch will outlast one that isn’t maintained by several years. Professional maintenance costs much less than replacing your pitch five years earlier than anticipated!


Learning Through Play offers a reliable, professional, and affordable maintenance service, covering cleaning, seam repairs, and more. We’ll work with you to agree a maintenance schedule that meets your needs and is cost-effective. Working together, we’ll make sure that your students get to enjoy their new games area for years to come!

Multi-coloured games area
A play area with lots of plants


If you’d like to find out more about our sports pitches, get in touch today. Learning Through Play has the experience required to provide you with exactly what you need – we offer a pitch perfect service, in fact! Call our Gravesend office today for details.

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