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Making sure that your school’s playground has the right surface in place is vital – it’s a key safety feature, after all. The team at Learning Through Play has installed countless play areas over the years, and we’re well equipped to ensure that you have the information you need to choose the right surface for yours. Based in Gravesend, our service area covers all of South East England.

A pirate ship activity area

Playtime should be fun for children all year round


It doesn’t usually matter what the weather is doing, children want to get outside and play! For that reason, an all-weather surface for your play area is worth investing in. It makes sure that the kids in your care have somewhere fun and safe to play all year round. Learning Through Play can supply and install a great selection of play surfaces, with something appropriate for any playground.


We’ll make sure that you get the best possible surface to suit your space and design, and we’ll make sure that it’s compliant with playground safety criteria. We’re aware that cost is also a key concern for our clients, so we’ll work with you to ensure that you get the best possible result for your budget.

Minimising risk by using the right surface material


Testing their limits and learning what they can do is a key part of play for small children, and it really does matter. Every child deserves to have somewhere that they can play and enjoy the freedom to explore. Climbing, balancing, and – inevitably! – sometimes falling… it’s all part of the way children play. It’s your responsibility to make sure that they can do so safely, and our job to make that possible for you.


We can supply and install surfaces that minimise the risks involved from a fall. All equipment above 600mm in height will be supplied with a soft impact absorbing safety surface meeting the requirements of BS EN 1176/7. This will ensure that the children in your care have a safe place in which to play adventurously.

A bridge in a play area
Rubber safety flooring with a snake design

Resilient, colourful, and popular


Rubaflex: This is a very popular option for play areas. It is constructed from a fine rubber crumb laid over a thick, impact-absorbing rubber layer. It provides a smooth, strong surface that minimises the risk from falls. Rubaflex is available in a wide range of colours and designs, and will retain its colour throughout its lifetime.


Flexichip: This is a more economical product, made from recycled materials, and offers a more natural appearance. Water can drain freely through the surface, which doesn’t require any base preparation. Flexichip still provides a critical fall height for play equipment, making sure that children using the equipment are safe.

Lush green grass without the fuss and mess


A beautiful and well-kept lawn is a wonderful thing… to look at. When it comes to play, though, it’s definitely less than ideal. It needs a lot of maintenance, and you can guarantee grass stains in summer and muddy shoes in winter! Because of this, many of our clients opt for artificial grass in place of traditional turf. It offers aesthetic appeal, year-round usability, and resistance to the kind of treatment that reduces natural grass to mud.


Our artificial grass comes with a strong backing that incorporates drainage holes to avoid the surface becoming waterlogged in poor weather. The fibres that make up the “grass” are made from soft, skin-friendly polyethylene, making it a safe and comfortable surface to play on.

A nursery with artificial grass
A play area with lots of plants


If you’d like to find out more about the playground surfaces that are available for your project, please contact the team in Gravesend today. Learning Through Play has installed safe play surfaces for school and nurseries throughout the South East.

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