The pitch of performance for our young athleltes

Sport, health and fitness are an important part of the school curriculum with the aim of “developing students’ motor and games skills, equipping them with the knowledge, skill and attitudes to pursue and enjoy a “physically active and healthy lifestyle” keeping them fit through play. Through us you have access to a wealth of knowledge and expert advice on all natural and artificial sports surfaces. Our sporting projects allow kids of every age to get involved in a general kick about at lunch time as well as provide a valuable resource for teaching sport. 

The right surface for the right game

The large majority of the surfaces we install are synthetic which comes with the added advantage of being useable all year round. Many sports involve a ball and we put a lot of emphasis on how that ball interacts with the surface we are laying. We understand how to install a surface to allow a Basketball to bounce or a hockey ball to glide over a pitch surface. We can keep things in proportion as we scale down quality and budget from Olympic standard down to a single 3-a-side primary school pitch. Speak to us today about what you want to achieve.
Kids enjoying on swings

Strong, robust sports fencing

Our sports fencing can be installed in a variety of colours and heights. The main advantage of having a fence round a sport area is the containment of the ball and therefore maximising the playing area and minimising the risks to other playground users . For our popular multi-use games pitches it provides a separate area where those wanting a game at lunch time can enjoy it without interrupting the play of others. The heavy gauge steel wire used in the fence mesh is robust enough to resist the impact of the most enthusiastic players and balls day after day.
Kids playing basketball

Long term support

Maintenance is very important to consider when installing a play surface. A surface that is properly cared for can outlast one that is not by several years – the cost of maintenance is dwarfed by the cost of replacing your surface five years earlier than you planned! Fortunately, Learning Through Play offer a wide range of services including cleaning and seam repairs – we'll work with you to devise a bespoke maintenance plan that works for you and your play area.
Kids enjoying on swings
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