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A school play area with artificial turf



For kids, play isn’t just fun – it’s an integral part of how they learn. Learning Through Play exists to inspire discovery, learning, and unlimited imagination through richly engaging, customised playgrounds. We’re based in Gravesend, and carry out work across the South East – why not get in touch with the team today and find out what we can create for you?

The right team for the job


Designing playgrounds for primary school children is a privilege, and something that our team is proud to do. We aim to combine functionality, longevity, risk play, imagination and aesthetics into fun, themed play areas that are far beyond anything we had growing up! We want to make playtime something special.


A great playground is more than somewhere that kids can use up some of that incredible energy they all seem to be blessed with – it’s also and extension of the classroom, a valuable learning facility. We’ll work with you to ensure that both you and our most important clients, the kids, get the perfect playground.


Is your playground dull, lacking in inspiration, or just making poor use of the available space? It’s something we see a lot, and we can fix that for you. We are two-time winners of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) National Landscape Award for school and community projects, having been awarded the title in 2013 and 2017. If your play area does nothing for the kids at your school, let our team do what they do best and transform it for you.

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Designing a playground is a serious business, and we always aim to carry out the design work from the point of view of our client. That’s not you, that’s the children who will use the play area. We always aim to understand how they will use the space and what will be important in THEIR new playground. That way, you’ll always get what the kids and you want – a play area that’s fun, exciting, safe, and full of learning opportunities.

Durable, natural materials


Artificial grass outside a nursery

There’s no point in a playground that looks great but isn’t durable enough to withstand the enthusiasm of children! That’s why we make sure that your playgrounds are designed and engineered to last, using locally sourced long-lasting, resilient and natural materials.

  • Our timber comes with a 10-year treatment guarantee against rot and insect attack.

  • Our artificial grasses come with an 8-year guarantee against ultra violet light degradation and faulty manufacture.

  • Our rubber surfaces are guaranteed for up to 5 years against failure.

In short, we’ll make sure that your playground can handle anything the kids – and the weather – can throw at it.

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A play area with lots of plants


If you want to know more about what we can do to transform your play area, contact Learning Through Play in Gravesend today. Our playground design team will work with you to create something special – there are happy kids playing on examples of our work right across the South East!

Sister Companies 

Providing a wide range of traditional landscaping and more diverse services through our specialist divisions:

Baylis Landscapes - commercial landscape, sport and play specialists

Sportsmark – Sportsground and grounds maintenance tools and equipment, line marking and road marking.

Artificial Lawn Company – Artificial grass installation for gardens, landscape sports and play areas.

Artificial lawn Supply - Artificial grass and sundries supply for gardens, landscape sports and play areas.SMSTS and SSSTS supervisors and managers where required.

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